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"Access to success via careers, internships and jobs, the Zoomdojo initiative." Carol Rattray & Ritu Banga, Co-Founders


About Us

“Your company name is Zoomdojo? Cool!”  That’s what we hear often from students. It  is usually followed by, “How did you come up with Zoomdojo?”

So what’s in a name? Coming up with a name seems simple - but to come up with a name that can be used for a website was much more than we had imagined! We searched far and wide for a name that was not yet owned as a domain name. Multiple spread sheets were created to look at words and combinations and all were rejected.

One day, it occurred to us to look to our roots, and from there to find a word that had meaning and relevance to us both but at the same time would not look as though it was from any specific place. As we thought of ourselves as instructing and guiding students to find their way from college to career, and our website as a platform for learning, the word “dojo” came to our minds as a simple description of what we do. In Japanese, the word is written as 道場 which means “place of the way” and is a platform. In the West, it’s usually used to describe a martial arts school. Going back in time, to India, the origins of the word "dojo" is a transliteration from the Sanskrit word “bodhi-manda” which means seat of wisdom”. The universality of the word struck us. At the same time, our website’s objective is to deliver good results quickly and to let students focus in on real job and internship opportunities. For this purpose, we thought “zoom” was a great word! We put the two words together to create Zoomdojo; and luck was with us, as no one owned the name in any form on the web! And, with that, Zoomdojo and Zoomdojo.com began.

What is Zoomdojo?

The Zoomdojo initiative makes your career happen! Zoomdojo expands your internships and job search through its proprietary, global internships and jobs database. Our workshops and seminars address career strategies and create networking opportunities to propel your career forward. Our volunteer group of Zoomdojo Young Professionals mentors students who come to our events; and these young professionals also bring their career experiences to the Zoomdojo website through interviews, résumé samples and write-ups on cities where they work and live.

Zoomdojo's proprietary offerings include customized, international databases for internships and jobs; an e-portfolio (Z-Portfolio™) and résumé builder (Z-Résumé Creator™); and curated events which offer career insights and networking opportunities. We design and adapt products to suit the needs of the organizations we work with. Contact us for details on how our product offerings can be customized to your needs to help your students and young professionals achieve success in their careers and internship and job search.

We are a New York based company but we work globally. We have conducted conferences, panel discussions and workshops in the USA, Canada, India and China. Our founders, Ritu Banga and Carol Rattray, are both first generation Americans and have lived and worked around the world. So it is important to us that Zoomdojo's outreach should encompass first gens, minorities, international students and student veterans.

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