AI Apps Developer Intern
Shanghai China

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Updated on 2020-10-23 10:39:01

Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Business area covers the whole Greater China Premier Customers onsite services starting in 2006.  Since then, we have grown from 15 staffs to around 80 staffs throughout GCR with around 50 FTE staffs in China alone.  Our key successes include customer satisfaction, high value proactive delivery such as customer system heath checks and risks assessment. 


As Chinese Premier Business continues to grow and in order to fulfill the need of Chinese customers’ demand of AI infused Application development, PFE decides to hire development staff to support the business, which include:

·       AI-Infused Application Development

·       Data Preparation and Analysis.


Developer/Premier Field Engineer Intern

Premier Field Engineers (PFEs) serve as deep technical advisors retaining customers (Enterprise, Government, Education, etc.) & delivering unique value by supporting & increasing the consumption & productivity of acquired and/or deployed Microsoft technologies. PFEs provide technical support including product technical training onsite, as well as via telephone, & electronic media. The PFE Support Delivery Model outlines the various support delivery services that a Premier Field Engineer could provide through the Premier Support contract and engagement via the Technical Account Manager (TAM) and/or Virtual Account Team (VAT). Those support services can be delivered either remotely or on premises.


1. Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics or other related majors;

2. Have a solid foundation in data science, machine learning, and deep learning;

4. Have rich experience in deep learning projects (CV, NLP, etc.).

3. Be passionate about new tech;

4. Have the ability and creativity to solve problems independently;

5. Familiar with Python, BI is preferred;

6. Familiar with C + +, .Net is preferred;

7. At least commit 6 months for the internship;

8. At least 4 days a week.

AI Apps Developer Intern
Shanghai China