Managing Editor, Middle East Oil News in

Managing Editor, Middle East Oil News
S&P Global Inc.

Job Details

Updated on 2019-09-16

Managing Editor, Middle East Oil News

Grade: 11A
Location: Dubai

The Role:  You will create content including in-depth analysis/features, breaking news and digital media such as blogs, podcasts and videos focused on the Middle East energy sector. You will analyze data and collaborate with regional stringers and market reporters to create unique and insightful content.
The Impact: Maintain Platts' high journalistic standards, practices and policies and ensure editorial quality in keeping with the Platts content transformation strategy.
The Career Opportunity:  This is an opportunity to shape Platts’ coverage of the Middle East – a region which is at the center of world energy markets. You will be in a position to create strong content and have the opportunity to cover regional industry events, guide our regional stringers on content, and collaborate with global news and market reporters.
The Team / The Business: The global energy news team works closely together in what can be a fast-paced environment. You’ll work with the regional head of energy news along with other news and market reporters/editors.
Your Skills:  Strong English language editing, writing and reporting skills; Strong written and spoken communication skills; Data analysis capabilities; Industry knowledge; Excel skills; Arabic speaking skills an advantage but not essential.

Develop Middle East energy news and analysis content
As a senior writer, you will ensure that Middle East news is timely, unique and relevant. You will be responsible for creating content and presenting it in a way that has maximum impact. You will help conduct forward planning of event and story coverage.

Content Presentation
You will be required to think innovatively on how best to present the content to make it impactful and reader friendly. This could involve the use of infographics, charts, tables etc.

Content Generation
You will be required to collaborate with regional stringers, market reporters and other members of the energy news team to generate and drive content. This could be in the form of further analysis of developing news and/or writing features and columns. You will also be required to pull together information provided by different team members and weave it into a news story.

Advance efforts to establish a strategic approach to news
Continuously evaluate editorial content, determine what has relevance to readers and develop value-added news/information. Analyze market issues and look for news and enterprise story opportunities.  Build familiarity with outcomes of Platts’ various news offsites and strategy projects. Develop and maintain productive relationships with a broad base of key industry sources.

You will be required to craft thought leadership content and be required to lead and/or contribute to special reports on the Middle East

Managing Editor, Middle East Oil News
S&P Global Inc.