Software Engineer - Campus 2018 / 2019 in Hoboken

Software Engineer - Campus 2018 / 2019
Hoboken NJ USA

Job Details

Updated on 2019-07-22

We need super smart engineers from all levels to help us build one of the best-engineered e-commerce platforms in the world (big talk we know, but that is our goal!). Our engineers combine creativity, curiosity, and drive to continuously perfect and revolutionize Jet from the inside out. We are looking to bring more intellectually curious engineers who are passionate about technology in general (Jet is a technology first company and prides itself on its culture of learning and knowledge sharing and we want all our engineers to be as passionate as we are!) 

The Environment 

Our platform is largely an event driven platform implemented via a microservice architecture.   The platform runs in the cloud and uses a large number of technologies and middle ware.  The bulk of backend code is written in the functional style (F#) and our system of record is an event sourced system (essentially a log of all actions on the platform).  We use a mix of Kafka, Redis, Elastic Search, Azure SQL, Event Store and Azure Storage for our data stores. About 50% of the platform runs on Linux and the rest Windows (although we move into more containerization, we will see a shift towards Linux). 

The Teams

We have a diverse set of engineering challenges and likewise, we have numerous teams to help solve them. As a Technology Summer Intern, you will end up working on one of the following focus areas:

Backend Generalist

Our exceptional back-end developers dive deep into designing, developing and supporting large-scale, cloud-based distributed systems, have strong operational excellence, testing skills and a good understanding of event-driven systems.

Machine Learning Engineer

Engineers with a strong understanding of machine learning will handle data at the scale of billions of events and help tune our systems and processes based on the information that is extracted.


Our DevOps engineers are critical for maintaining our large-scale distributed systems and resolving issues that arise. This is perfect for those who like having a high-level view and diving in to help with a variety of teams and systems.

Mobile Engineer

Our mobile engineers create features for the Jet iOS/Android apps and deliver a first-in-class experience for our customers (our app is so highly rated that we’re clearly doing something right!).

Systems Engineer

In order to support Jet’s rapid growth, we need networking, onboarding, and user support for a variety of devices and for users of diverse backgrounds.


  • Strong GPA and commitment to academics
  • Pursuing a Computer Science or related degree
  • External projects and/or work on Github is a strong plus

About Jet

Jet’s mission is to create the best e-commerce experience in the world that can only be backed by cutting edge technology. Our engineers are utilizing world class technologies to perfect a revolutionary pricing engine that will help customers save money on nearly everything. At Jet, we have worked hard to build a culture that stresses the importance of learning and sharing knowledge. We believe that the best engineers are the ones who have a willingness to share knowledge, a desire to learn and most importantly, a passion for all things technology. Sound like a fit? Let’s make a date.

You are going to look great in Purple - Join Us! 


Software Engineer - Campus 2018 / 2019
Hoboken NJ USA